News | 09/04/2021

2021 Arctic Rally Finland - End of Rally Report

Sami Pajari opened his rally season with co-driver Enni Mälkönen in the Rovaniemi World Rally Championship by taking a class win. However, the competition did not go completely smoothly, as on Friday a surprising fault was detected in the car's evening service in the wheel support, which was not recorded to be repaired within the maintenance period.

Despite a 30-second time penalty, however, Saturday took the lead.

Saturday’s first half went smoothly as a whole and enjoyed some great stages, with no bigger assurance. - When driving with a big number, the grip varied in places, depending on whether the gravel had appeared, Pajari said in an interview.

The latter loop of three special stages on Saturday included the morning special stages for the second time. Conditions became quite challenging as the darkness descended and at the same time a rather heavy snowfall began. - Driving at full speed with no visibility is not the easiest, but the challenges were safely completed.

There was no bigger need for a change of tactics on Sunday. By the time two special stages had been completed on Sunday, the weekend had gone without major problems and the finished as the class winners. - As a whole, a great weekend, no mistakes were made and we were able to enjoy the wonderful conditions. The differences were already torn at the beginning of the race so no magic second battles were seen now, but we are already looking to the future and towards future races.

Pajari will compete in the O.K.Auto rally in Kouvola this coming weekend, which is a competition in the Finnish Championship series. Tuomo Hannonen, who has long-term experience, sits next to the Kouvola competition as co-driver.

The main goal of the season, the JWRC series, will start at the end of April on Croatian asphalt, where Marko Salminen will once again sit as co-driver.